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High-heel shoes are thought to have originated with the petite Catherine de Medicis an Italian who married Henry II of France in the 16th century. The shoes did not acquire their erotic connection until the mid 19th century when a French prostitute took several pairs to a New Orleans brothel, and the madam noticed that she was more popular with the men. Other brothels soon followed suit, and the men began ordering them for their wives, and in 1880 a Massachusetts shoe factory started production.

President Bill Clinton recently admitted on a talk-show that he generally wore briefs in preference to boxers shorts, and Prime Minister John Major was once caught on camera using a paper-clip to hold up his trousers. And while the whole world saw that actress Sharon Stone wasn't wearing knickers in her 1992 hit movie Basic Instinct, it is little known that Albert Einstein never wore underwear, and considered the garment pointless.

Scuba divers sometimes use a water-based lubricant called polyethylene oxide to get into their rubber wet-suits. This may comes as a surprise to people who use talcum power to get into tight-fitting latex and rubber fetishwear, because polyethylene oxide is also used as a lubricant called Slippery Stuff for use with condoms.

It must be confusing for an American to date a Brit. The Americans call a garter belt what the British call a suspender belt, which is a little odd because what the Americans call suspenders, the British call braces; Then again, what the Americans call pants, the Brits call trousers. There is nothing unusual in a macho American male going to work wearing suspenders and pants... On the other hand, I've heard that it's not too unusual for his British counterpart to be wearing the same.

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'Garters' images by Rick Smith from Delta USA, entry in CorelDraw's World Design Contest 1993, appearing in the book Corel Artshow 4

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