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The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices

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Halcyon Illustrated Fetish Fiction

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  • Transvestite Humilation
  • Women who Inflict Punishment
  • Forced to Feminise
  • Bondage and Discipline
  • Transvestite Maid
  • True Confessions
  • Fetish World
  • Gay Erotica
  • Erotic Photo Library
  • TV World's Maid in America
  • Domination and Discipline!
  • Pinafore Pages
The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records

Covering subjects as diverse as (1) human physiology, (2) sexual techniques and performance, (3) the Arts, (4) aberrant sex and deviation, (5) the animal and plant kingdoms, (6) Contraception & Castration, (7) sexology, (8) prudery, superstition, and the Law. Click here now!


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